How to scan and take photos of lettering

In order to do the next part in the course, which is the best part ever, actually digitizing and cleaning up your lettering, you need a good scan of it or a photo.

In this next part you will learn how to clean up, digitize, save, prep and anything else you need to know to print a file, either at home or if you decide to send it out to a print shop.

Since prints are the closest replica to your original art, you need a super awesome scan. A picture of your art will not cut it for reproduction. So grab a scanner at home or go to an office store that offers scans.

In this video I will talk more about how to get a great scan of your lettering. And all you really need to worry about is the DPI. No fancy scanners required. If you don't have a scanner and don't want to make prints of your art, but you still want to learn how to digitize and post your art online, just take a photo. I will talk about that in the video as well.

So scroll down and take a look.

If the video below is a bit blurry try watching it in YouTube.

Scanning your art

Taking photos of your lettering

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